Regular Yoga while Pregnant

Can one keep doing regular yoga during pregnancy?

Article by Carry cofounder Heather Christine, prenatal & postpartum yoga teacher, birth doula, doula trainer, physical therapist, and parent of three.

teacher and two prenatal yogis balancing on one leg
image: Carry

Can I do regular yoga still?

Yep, those of you with a regular yoga practice can continue with modifications, especially earlier in your pregnancy. Hatha yoga classes are a great option. A couple of things to think about when doing non-prenatal yoga or really any kind fitness:

Happy exercising!

Check with your Provider

As always, make sure you check with your provider (doctor, obstetrician, or midwife) throughout your pregnancy, especially if continuing on in regular yoga or fitness classes. If you have a new medical diagnosis such as gestational diabetes, your care is transferred, or includes a specialist or perinatologist, please discuss exercise with them as well.

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