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a yoga & meditation app created by experts to carry you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 

Raising the wellbeing of all parents.

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"I loved flipping through and choosing workouts based on specific focus areas (e.g.lower back pain)."   —Colleen

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"Just listened to the Early Labor one — headed into the hospital tonight for an induction and this one was timely to help me calm some of the anticipatory anxiety I am feeling  :-)"  —Meg

Raising a tiny human? You got this. Yes, you.  

Wondering what our sessions are like? This delicious stretch and release session is good for all trimesters, including postpartum. Short and Sweet  |  16 minutes  |  led by Myra Rucker; copyright Carry

All pregnant people (and postpartum) are encouraged; no matter your yoga experience, or how you are feeling that day. Find sessions to fit your mood, schedule, trimester, or body ache.  

Simply put, we believe in the transformative power of these tools to better prepare the body and mind for some of life’s biggest stages: birth and parenthood. For all. 

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Raising the wellbeing of all parents. 

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